First of all the family of humans, my husband Kristian and the children: Isac ( born 2009) and David (born 2013). They all spend some time in the stable, the children as they sometimes needs to join me and my husband as I some times needs some help with something (usually building or repairing things). If the boys are going to enjoy horses - well I don't know but Isac ride now and then.
My husband working at the stable
Isac and Bunny 2012
Me, Embla and baby David summer 2013

Our whippet that came from my first breeding experience, sadly here mother left us in 2010. Mika is a sweetheart. When the weather, time table and training session allows she joins me while I go trail riding – but on a leach. Favorite things is to sleep under a blanket (in our bed if she would be allowed), eating chocolate (if it wasn't poisonous) and “play” with the wild animals (if someone lets her of the leash).