RPM's Silver Persuasion

Percy 2 years i USA.
Percy 2 years i USA., Bellow a film from her previous owner.
Percy as her barn name is, was born 2009. Her sire is R Ranger Dream Maker and her dame Persuasive Sheila. That put all five sons of Tobe in her pedigree. She is a silver buckskin (silvergulbrun) and about 14.3 hh/150 cm. She is tested negative for PSSM. An offspring on her sires side has previously won conformation championship at the Internationals and he has had one of the highest stallions fees. Her mother has had some nice offspring, won that won the Rea Swan award at the internationals 2013: RPM's Squirrel's Blackfoot

I bought her unseen, so I didn't know what to expect. That I dared to buy her was mostly because I was recommended this mare twice from the man that sold me my other mare (Bunny). I were also told from two different sources that the owner was a very honest and nice person. And I really like the pictures that I got... That combined with her pedigree, description and color made me decide on her...

And it was a great decision! She is a gorgeous mare that catch many peoples hearts.

When she arrived in Sweden in December 2011, she was about green halter broke. She learned easily, was a joy to start and was certified during the summer 2012. After that she was breed and we took it very slowly with her further education. But even thought her two pregnancy's she has participated in some things:
  • RMHA World Pink Ride 2013 and 2014. 
  • Introduction to TREC 2013 with her filly Embla by her side. 
  • Östgötamässan häst 2014, representing her breed and showing her gait. 
  • Östgötadagarna 2014 where she let children try a Rocky Mountain Horse.
  • Falsterbo Horse Show 2014 where she participated in the first International competition open for all gaited breeds and got 5:th place. She also participated in a clinic with Walter Feldman and a show of gaited breeds.
  • RMHA World Pink Ride 2015


2013 Ullekalvs Embla, a silverblack mare by Black Pepper.

Ullekalvs Angelo, stillborn bay roan colt by Black Pepper.

Ullekalvs Iris Fortunata, a buckskin roan filly by Black Pepper.
Summer 2012, 3 years old and recently broke.
Falsterbo Horse Show 2014, 5:th place in the first International gaited competition for all breeds in Sweden.
Falsterbo Horse Show 2014
Östgötamässan häst Mantorp 2014

June 2013, about a week before Ullekalvs Embla was born.

TREC 2012